We need an independent investigation–let’s make it happen!

What is the sheriff hiding in ‘plain sight’ in Downtown Durham? 

Join the team to investigate abuse and exploitation at the Durham Jail

Because we don’t trust that a once or twice yearly inspection by state agencies that work hand in hand with local sheriff’s departments will turn up the deep, deep problems with Durham County Detention Facility; because we know that local people from a wide range of backgrounds and different skills will see differently and better than those who expect and welcome oppressive conditions for the incarcerated; because we simply cannot take the sheriff at his word when his words are full of untruths; and because We Believe Prisoners, we are assembling a team of people to independently investigate the jail on the team’s own terms.

Toward that end, we are looking for people who are interested in touring and inspecting the jail and investigating a wide range of issues, including but not limited to:

attempted suicides and their reporting; property being stolen from inmates; procedures relating to incoming mail for inmates; medical neglect and fees; prenatal care and post-childbirth care; the overall nutrition of the jail menu; issues relating to dietary needs, restrictions and preferences; the fate of inmate grievances; the profiting of corporations such as GlobalTel, Aramark and Correct Care Solutions from inmates’ and their families; the setting of bail; religious freedom; and much, much more.

We are specifically looking for, first and foremost, community people who are concerned about the treatment of detainees at the detention facility and who will diligently investigate the accounts put forth by prisoners and their families and friends. Because we have not been invited to investigate, but are forging ahead out of a sense of urgent duty, we are also looking for people who are ready to make this happen and will not easily acquiesce to authority’s reason or orders .


Specifically, we are looking for people with a range of skills and knowledge, including:

lawyers and paralegals; doctors, nurses and nutritionists; mental health practitioners; educators and librarians; formerly incarcerated people and people currently on probation; social justice activists; Imams and other religious and spiritual leaders; accountant(s); community lay people; and people with knowledge or expertise in food service, cleaning and sanitation, air quality, and occupational hazards and safety.

If you would like to be part of this jail inquiry team, or you have a suggestion for someone to contact, please get in touch with us at: insideoutsidealliance@gmail.com

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