‘The lockback is a set up for us to fold under pressure’


Shit me, same ole same ole. New day, same struggles! It’s crazy what we go through in here on a daily basis. You see they’ve recently got a new phone company that charges more and leaves us hopeless of talking to family outta town, 3.30 a call outta state can you believe that? 

But that’s what happens when you guilty until proven innocent. This lockback is a set up for us young and some old inmates to fold under pressure and either snitch or take a plea. But I’mma remain strong and carry on, that all I can do right.

I’m currently on (my own) lockback till September 4 cussin out the c.o., I was in the wrong, but 70 days is a little too much. The funny part is I just got off lockback three weeks before, lol.

Anyway, how’s the movement going out doors. Y’all give us hope in a hopeless situation. I’m going to get a few of my friends to write you and send artwork. I’m not much of a drawer. I like to paint with words. I was thinking right the average 17 year old would be going to high school, 12th grade tryna go to college doing something with their life. I always wanted to be a lawyer, or a doctor. Well instead I’m 17 years old with a felony, looking at 46-65 months. On something they’re trying to say I conspired on. Isn’t that a bitch? But it’s the life I chose and really I honestly don’t think I’ma change. I know I deserve well but the money keeps calling me. I have a good heart, but my opponents always trying me. You understand, I hope you do, there will never be peace for someone like me. My mind, soul and heart are at a constant tug of war.

Your friend inside,

Mui’zz Mumit Shakur

P.S. I like the newsletter, but it’s so dull no color. Makes it seem, uh I don’t know, less important.

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