Painting with words: 3 poems

My Soul Cries Out

My soul cries out for someone who understands

My soul cries out unity 4 my fellow man

My soul cries out for loyalty and love from my brothers in arms

My soul cries out to the heavens in the sky “Send me your angels to help me with this fight.”

My soul cries out 4 money and wealth, the fancy things that I’ve been deprived of since birth,

My soul cries out 4 vast knowledge in which I can lead my people

My soul cries out that with my brothers we’ll conquer all evil

My soul cries out 4 a companion in love

My soul has run out of tears.



Feel my pain so you can see why I have no feelings 4 those who don’t believe in my

Understand my troubles to know I got my hustle from seeing my family struggle

Realize my vision as King Mumit, my reign will be that of love, loyalty and redemption

And all evil shall be aimed at those who don’t respect or support my vision.

Anticipate my actions cause if war will grant my place as king, then let the street fill with my enemies’ blood.

Envy my passion cause if my dreams don’t become reality there will never be peace.

Take heed to my word because I’m not saying them 4 my amusement.



91997 the day a king was brought into the world

The day Allah sang one of my greatest creations has been produced

The moment my mother met her first child

The second I breathed on my own

The minute I experienced freedom

The hour I realized I am alive

This joyful day King Mumit was born.

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