Dear Allah

Dear Allah, everything looks so dim may you shine on me some hope.

I don’t think I can take anymore, my life feels so helpless.

It’s always disappointment, where is the good news everybody else is getting

Second chances where’s my stroke of luck.

Now look I’m not saying you aren’t at work, but I feel so lost like I’ve

Never been found you know sometime I don’t even want anyone around.

So many people out to get me, 4 reasons and have yet to find out

Allah send your angels to give me the straight in order to make it towards tomorrow.

Bestow your grace upon me so that I may fight my battles and live to see another day.

My lord bring your mercy upon me. I know I don’t do right by you away. Dear Allah, these blessings

I hope you answer.

                                                                                              One lur—Mumit

The past is a tool that you use in an attempt to better your future.

The past is full of mistakes that we committed, you sit and reminisce about in order to correct our future.

In the past we’ve had people betray and stab us in the back either the lesson learned, or it’s going happen again–the past is the greatest teacher to men.

Mu’izz Mumit Shakur

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