Striving together


I’m doing well considering the circumstances. How are things progressing? Yeah, I just had a birthday. I’m — years old…Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday, it’s much appreciated and very welcomed. My (family member) speaks so highly of everyone striving together in IOA. I’m very thankful for all of you, words cannot explain but maybe through our endeavors we can encourage one another. When I was younger I didn’t question the government at all levels. When you ask someone who has something to hide the question why, things tend to be undone. I understand that government wants to control our thoughts, they want us to contribute to things that they decide are important without telling us. They fabricate and filter information. I was blind as a young man to the danger of the system. It’s damaging, (this) power and onesidedness. I was never familiar with the amount of people who manipulate the system to serve their purpose at the expense of others. (And then there are) people who don’t care to ask why. A lot of people are satisfied with the way things are, and if they’re not they don’t want to do anything about it, or they would rather someone else pretend to have addressed the issues of concern or delight in their lipservice or unfulfilled promises. …I’m not very smart at all, I’ve never attended college, I did take a course but didn’t finish it, and I didn’t receive high marks in school. Even with the lack of education it’s clear that there is much wrong in Durham. For the amount of young people who get locked up, you would think that they would have a lot more things to target young folks to encourage them to learn. Well, the prison system is swelling, and how do you rehabilitate someone who’s angry they’re wrongfully charged or convicted, and subject to beatings.

Striving together,

S. C.

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