Unnecessary grief due to jail incompetence

from the mother of a DCDF inmate:

On July 26th of 2015 I received a call from my oldest daughter. She said my son in jail had called her upset as he was told by staff to call his dad…that there had been a death in the family…either grandmother or mother. My son only could call on the one minute call so it went fast.

While on the phone with her…my other son beeped in and my son had called him also on the one minute call saying the same thing. So I told them to let me call about it as I knew my son in jail was upset as he has no grandmothers..just me, his mom.

Then my other daughter called said my son in jail was trying to call her. Evidently he tried to get in touch with his dad, also.

So.. I call the jail over and over and over until someone finally answered. I asked the person in charge on my son’s floor ‘did someone give my son a message about a death in the family?’ He said yes. I asked what number was given for him to call? He gave me the number. I told him that my son’s dad said he had not called the jail and there was no death in our family.

I called the phone number given me and asked ‘did you call the jail about a death?’ I told the man they gave my son the message. The man said the message was not for my son but another guy (with the same last name)…his son.

So…I called the jail back and spoke with the same staff member. I told him about the mix up and told him to please tell my son his dad did not call…there was no death…everything was fine.

So they had all my family upset and my son in jail in tears…for no reason!

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