The Broken Man: A Poem

The Broken Man

A heart full of hurt and let downs.

How do a man remain humble and not turn cold?

This place has stolen all the good I had in me

And made me a very bitter person in life.

Sometimes jail have you second guessing God

And have you thinking crazy like there’s not a soul in the world that cares about you.

I been down for four years this has been a very long storm

That seem like it’s never going to end.

But I have to stay strong even at my lowest point in life

And trust that God will see things my way.

My son don’t even know me, it hurts every day knowing

I left him out there like my father did me.

It scares me thinking if I lose I’ll never see him grow up life crazy.

In my heart I feel better days are soon to come,

And all my restless nights will be over.

Put all this hurt and pain away and pray that this cold heart go.

And let that good person be found again.


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