4 more to ponder: Poetry from Mu’izz Mumit Shakur


Homeless with nowhere to go, 17 without a know, a care, to where I can go.

Always been independent never need nor ask 4 help but now the chance is slim that I’ll make it by myself.

While everything was going wrong I kept myself head strong, but now I’m out here on the streets I feel my spirit getting weak.

Homeless with no clothes 4 change rather rob than beg 4 change hopefully I’ll make it far and live my life like a star.

I’m helpless to the 1st degree but I’ll find a way to glove my plea, my success is near I taste it clear,

I’m homeless but happy I’m still here.

Above & Beyond

My life dreams go above and beyond, daydream on what’s soon to come, in my cell I can’t sleep at night cuz my mind is going above and beyond.

When I was trapped helpless without a path 2 hard to solve the problem, couldn’t think of the correct math my heart still search above and beyond 4 a purpose of life 4 which I am under the sun.

Above and beyond, a life of no limits my ambitions will become reality when I leave from this prison.

And when I soar above man’s reach I’ll bestow my knowledge 2 those beneath my feet, above and beyond

That’s where I shall go, before I become a part of the earth and BREATHE NOMO!!

The New Fight

Fighting with a new stance, the new round has just begun.

Ignorance cast aside 4 a new road to success that I’ve realized

Although my quest for knowledge has just begun, my mind’s been humbled by the greatest one

Now with my emotions and my pride aside I swing my fist 4 victory in this fight.

Time to make a song, time to write some rimes, put it on the paper and get it off my mind,

All of the pain that I’ve reserved thru out this time, bleeds thru this pencil

That illustrates these words so divine, let’s rap about success and the road from which it’s traveled,

Negative and positive this internal battle, hop upon the saddle and ride off into the field

And pray you reach your goals before you get killed. Then there’s a new fight looking 4 a purpose, in your mind

you know that your life’s not  worthless, but in certain circumstances you don’t see it in fact it’s a lot of power

In being Black.


Once upon a time there was door with no key and trapped behind the glass

Was lil’ ole me. This door will only open at the c.o. demands, and when I tried to apply force

It wouldn’t budge worth a damn. Until one day I figured out the puzzle in which I can achieve freedom.

I can get past captivity with my mind not my muscle. From that day forward I possessed freedom from within

And I am proud of myself for this meta-physical win.

I see it in the mirror when I look into my eye, death’s around the corner,

I’ve foreseen my demise. I see it in my dreams, the snake’s at my feet.

Fang full of hate ready to strike me to defeat. Notice it when i walk how people look and stare

And those who understand nod and say a prayer.

Death’s my better half waiting till the time I fall. It’s the only thing certain in life.

No hope for eternity at all.

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