‘Racism, hate and unfairness’

July 1 2015

Hello _____, this is B. C., returning a response to your letter. From the time I got here I felt this place was unfit! Racism, hate and unfairness. Included is a list I had started, please write back with phone number or another way to contact you. We get a diet full of starch and carbs, Dr. calls are not properly attended to. 2 women had miscarriages while here! The water is loaded with ?? They keep us dehydrated. Noodles in the store in 35¢ here 80¢ double, sometimes triple the amount! They don’t have properly working phones – so if an inmate was having a medical emergency, they could not get thru – Guards sleeping on the job – told the Sgt. the Sgt. Said well it does get a little boring — ??? We got 4 hours and yes, the medical amount as of today has increased to $20 plus they changed the phone provider that I heard costs more to use as well, how convenient on the same day. I had a cell mate that was off her anti-psychotic meds for 4 days – They do not treat us like humans at all. I got in an argument with another inmate and the guard on duty says I will let ya’ll BITCHES argue and just lock you back. This is all they do. We are treated w/ no dignity – respect – just like animals in a zoo – Dr.’s visits are 3-5 minutes long – They do not listen to you at all – They stopped my meds for no reason, causing me to put in another $10 call. I have a bad back, have I mat and take Tylenol 325 3 time a day, it doesn’t even begin to help. I told them I had constipation so bad they my butt bleeds, they say drink more water – The water is disgusting. The Food is disgusting – Not very much nutritional value to it!! Please continue to work for us and I would love for you to share this info with anyone. My release date in _____ and I would love to help this cause. The system could care less about our health – We are not allowed access to pen/pencil in our cells – no pens at all! Visits are only 20 minutes thru a thick piece of glass! THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS!! AND YES poors are targeted. Guards laugh at prejudice jokes and love to cause arguments – I can give names.


B. C.

(We need education, literature, and family!)

Attached list of events:

5-6 – Motley swearing constantly

5-6 – Evans answered phone and says “Naptime, time to go to bed + hangs up

5-6 – Guard tries to fight inmate

5-7 – Phone gets hung up numerous times – or ringer is shut off

5-7 – Reported toilet broken – guard says nothing she can do.

5-14 – guards are sleeping

4 30 Put in medical request, Guard Smith said you are white- they will get to you fast

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