‘The lone soldier in the battlefield called life’

3 more poems, by Mu’izz Mumit Shakur

So I Thought

So I thought I could make it by myself, daily my mind tells me don’t need nobody else, my heart tells me I need someone that’ll care, but when I search and look I find no one there. My emotions play tricks telling me 2 ride out on my own, and all my life I’ll have 2 settle being Alone. Cause it’s no one there that’ll understand my youth and accept the truth that I can’t have a match to spark the fire without my other half 2 heal my broken heart that’s so long been in retire. Back to rehab with no need to try again, love is just a brief relief that you’ll enjoy till it ends and then when you’re back down 2 earth off that high of love you get the sadness that comes back when you’re sober and dry. Then you search 4 another high, only 2 soon forget how the last hit brought you to say you’ll never love again, maybe it’s the truth or that’s just what I thought cuz without your true love you’re just playing with your heart—Forever Alone.




You are against yourself when you suffer from arrogance.  The know it all, who can’t be wrong, how can you correct yourself if you don’t even notice your faults.

You point the blame because you too ashamed 2 admit you’re wrong, but inside you know how much it’s true your stubbornness only belittles you. But only you yourself know what’s best, right? No, you’re wrong somebody else could be right, I see it every day the slave mentality if you’re not on a higher status than them, they rebut until the last debate.

I believe the root of arrogance is self hate, and I show mercy and pity upon those who wouldn’t understand, arrogance doesn’t make you more but less of a man.


The Moon & the Stars

How can one shine without the other, the lights in the sky that the clouds try to cover. The brilliance of the moon and its connection to the planet  Earth. The wisdom of the starts that guided my ancestors out of their bondage. The artist of the sky, their images written in history shown to thousands of generations. Stories made to go with the drawings of the sky still enjoyed today, and told to those who question why, these beautiful beings were put in place, inside the vast amount of spaceso that we all can see the moon and stars shine so brightly.

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