‘Within these walls creativity grows’

How are you doing? Hope you are fine. I found out life can be a lot more stressful out doors than behind, depending on how you look at it. Your letter not only gave me a sense of belonging, but also an opportunity to express myself. You see, within these walls without the daily life struggles weighing down, creativity grows. Like Tupac Shakur said, ‘the rose that grew from concrete.’ What they doing is inhumane. Some individuals cannot take these four walls. I was one of those before this “super lock back” occurred. But as I started getting adjusted, well, let’s say it did my mental justice, lol. I “tip my hat” to yall kind spirits at “IOA” and I respect yall drive and determination. Any way I can help, let me know. I ask one thing of yall in return for any of yall requests. You see I found out I am a poet and I learn some words from the struggle and I want yall to publish them to allow people outside to hear my voice and take heed to the pain. I’m bestowing upon you ten or so short poems. I’m counting on you to let my pain be felt. Other than that I ask you to ponder this one question:


P.S. My spelling is not that great, but we all have shortcomings. Huh…lol. Take care.



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