‘3 Short poems for the locked up’

by Mu’izz Mumit Shakur

The Simple Minded

Simplicity? Conformity? These are the words of the ones of little self expression. These simple souls give into average life and take pills to help with the depression. The ones inside the box with no hopes to reach outside, the one who says this is just how it happens to happen and don’t search 4 a change. The ones whose only goal in life is 2 reach their retirement plan. The Simple Minded!!

Notice * The Way * How * Just Notice

Notice the way I walk and talk. Notice the way I operate like a boss. Notice the way I sit in silence 2 listen 2 the others debate.  Notice how I continue to smile while they plot on me and hate. Notice how I change the game when I was put in that situation. Notice how life’s did me so wrong but I still carry on.


Better Days

I look out my cell and say “there will be better days.” As the sun comes up and the light shines through I know it will shine upon me one day. When everything else seems lost and I can’t find my way I say and repeat “there will be better days.” I know freedom and success is near it’s only a matter of days. When my emotions decline and my thoughts unwind I tell myself, “You have to make it some way.” Because I know around the corner “there will be better days.”


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