‘As a people I feel the system is killing us off’


I’m an inmate at Durham County jail under a (extremely high) bond. So, there’s some things I like to say. Well, starting off the food they feed us isn’t meant to get us full, so it’s even harder on inmates that don’t get any canteen to help them through the long nights. Also, the last meal of the day is at four o’clock. The prices on canteen are taxed out the ass, so the little money our families do send don’t really last all too long. Sick calls are $20, so if you do make a sick call more than once they take most of your money. It’s crazy in here. The c.o.s act as if we’re just mere dogs telling fellow inmates they hope they get 10 years. It’s bad enough we don’t know what’s going on with our cases, that just adds on to the stress. The sargeants of the pods aren’t any better, locking inmates back in the cells for petty bullshit cause they mad. They wait for one of the inmates to buck up so they can beat us up and taze us.

I feel like we only act out cause we’re grown ass men getting treated like animals and we’re stressed out. They us that against us. Also, the thing with the V.I. (visitation), it’s crazy how people will overbook our visitation spaces and don’t even show up, leaving other people who are willing to see us asked out. It’s crazy how they set people’s bonds up. I’m pretty much sure you heard about the 9 people killed at church and the man who did it got only a one million dollar bond and made it. When you got people who sold drugs to feed their families and couldn’t get a 9-5 under bonds and probably wouldn’t see the light of day again. As a people I feel like the system is killing us off one by one. Fucking up our futures just so the cycle of incarceration continues. We’re looked at as just another dollar more than just another human being.

Your incarcerated brother, LB

It’s sooo much things fucked up in this jail. And us as inmates have no choice to try and maintain, from the facility to the staff…

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