‘It’s unfortunate how little they know about our belief and respect it’

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most gracious, Though I’ve not been locked up for long I’m sure I speak on everyone in here’s behalf when I say “Thank You” for the petition to end lockback! Al Hamdulilah Ramadan has been going well for the most part, it’s just unfortunate how little these people know about our belief and respect it. I pray Allah accepts my fast being that they only brought my morning tray to me in a timely manner once! Even the non-Muslims in here participating in the fast have noticed and complained. It makes no sense to me how other religions, cultures and races are treated. They tend to bunk Mexicans (and other Hispanics) together, whites together, blacks together, people with similar charges together, I’m sure if they had Jews in here they would be as well! I don’t understand why I couldn’t receive the same…They have bible study, preachers and all sorts of people coming supplying the inmates with literature, etc. Why do I have to go through so much to get a Quran? I have to have my people go to the bookstore in the masjid and get it mailed…Allah willing, I should be out early next month and would love to help other Muslim inmates receive the literature they need, and also fight for their rights! My incarceration could’ve definitely been a lot worse! Al-Hamdulillah for everything. I know everyone has a past, life is a test and we are bound to make mistakes, it’s our responsibility to not make them repetitive… Just when I thought no one loved me, you pop up. (lol) Amen. May Allah bless and keep us all. Z. R.

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