I’m — writing you back in response, you’ve written me! First, I like to start off by saying: “Thank you for caring.”  Yes, we are still on lockback and it’s crazy! Speaking of crazy! How about I got involved with this female officer by name of Richards. One morning after I helped her pass out the breakfast trays she went in the officer’s bathroom and came out and threw away some paper towels that was heavy looking. After, she motion me to her desk and told me that it was some trail mixes and a pen in the bag also. I go get it and went to my room. Now, today, when I don’t comply simply not help work she tries to black mail me. Later, Sgt. Hustleback came to — block and locked me in my cell. For one thing I didn’t do anything to get locked back. Two, she more in the wrong than I am. I tried to tell him, but he didn’t want to listen! I don’t have any family here or neither do I ever get any mail! This is a matter I’m asking for your help. There something needs to be done about this. I feel by they got cameras they could review the tape and keep her from around me. One thing is to look out for someone. The next is to try to get me locked back!

Thank you.

Yours truly,


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