‘They are trying to pass the buck!’

To Inside-Outside Alliance

Hello, I finally received your response to my letter. I feel it was an act of God I received it. Allow me to explain. Your letter was STAMPED RECEIVED June 17, 2015 (two days after you wrote it). However, I only received it when mail was delivered by a substitute jail mail courier with my mail that was stamped RECEIVED June 19. Which means your letter was withheld from me for two (2) days. I feel it was not meant to be delivered to me at all.

As for my problems with my diabetic diet, I put grievances in to medical that my diet contains high amounts of carbohydrates, and is not well balanced. I have requested a breakdown of my meals’ nutritional value and if our meals are planned by a registered dietitian, they should understand a diabetic’s meal has to be planned not only by calories but also by carbohydrates and protein intake. DCJ has started me on Insulin in the morning and at 4 pm, yet they feed me meals with over the amount of carbohydrates allowed by the American Diabetes Association, which is 130 grams of Carbohydrates per DAY. I received twice that amount in ONE MEAL. Medical puts the blame on Aramark, which I think is “bull.” People can go to medical complaining they can’t eat certain foods, and it is pulled from their tray and substituted. Yet I have a documented medical sickness and need special meals and I am told nothing can be done. My health is very important and bottom line, Durham County is responsible for me as long as I am a detainee here. Not Aramark!! They are trying to “pass the buck.” I am asking for some type of help to get DCJ to understand my situation. I was completely healthy when I came here —-, now I am a sick man due to my diet over the past 20 months.

I also read your statement. I am in full agreement, especially with #3 Medical Abuse and Neglect. They claim to be our “health care provider” yet we sign no contract, given no information of our coverage, forced to pay a $10 and now $20 copay each sick call. If you don’t have the money at that time, they place a negative balance on your account. If family or friends do send you money, they take it before you know you have it. I also fully agree with #2. I feel an unbiased team needs to review this jail’s policies and actions. I agree also with #6, when mail, money orders, I-Care packages, window deposits are made on our account, we have a right to know that it was sent and who sent it. So we may properly thank the person and also know the money or gift was sent and accredited to the proper account. Mistakes are made on people’s accounts. By having no record of who made the transaction, it can be hidden by the jail. And the fees are CRAZY they charge us to buy their products.

I am sending you my mail via a friend so that I am sure you get it. In the future can you please mail your response to her? This way I am assured I will get your response…

I will share this information with other inmates and encourage them to join our STRUGGLE to improve the conditions in DCJ. I thank you for your concern and your help. May God Bless you and yours.



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