‘Nothing we can do about it’

From Michael:

I have missed a few visitations because of some officers saying I can’t use my student ID (as valid identification), where the website clearly says you can. These are when I have visitations scheduled, I come in, and they just say, ‘No, you can’t use that.’ It’s been the same two people that won’t let me use it, one of them is a lady named Cater. When I try to say your website says you can use a student ID they act like they don’t know what I’m talking about, or they don’t care.

Another problem that I have is that sometimes I get two confirmation numbers for a visit, or, after getting a confirmation # for a visit, then I’ll get an email canceling the visitation. Yesterday, when this happened when I was trying to add a minor to my visit for (the next day), I called the jail to see why the visit had been cancelled. They told me it must have been because (my inmate) had been moved to a different pod. I said, ‘No, he had already been moved a couple weeks ago.’ Then she (Cater) said it’s because there is no space left for visitation. I said, ‘I already had a visit scheduled, I was just adding a minor.’ She said there was nothing she could do about it.

(from AVI editors) So, there’s two things going on here: Staff doesn’t follow what little policy there is, making some things entirely subjective. Second, GTL/Renovo (the same company just contracted for telephone services–the ‘corrections innovator’), has major glitches in its system, and staff doesn’t have the capability or inclination to correct them, making them ‘objective.’ It’s anti-human, anti-family, anti-inmate, no matter how you slice it.

And, it still hasn’t been reported what the visitation numbers are pre-November 2014 (prior to mandatory online visitation scheduling) and post-November 2014. 

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