‘They’re trying to keep you QUIET so everyone thinks things are changing’


I hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. As for myself I’m adjusting. As I have written you more than twenty letters since I last heard from you. I haven’t been able to get mail out or in in my name on a regular basis. I’ve written my uncle and wife and lawyers and the Southern Coalition (for Social Justice) and other organizations about things going on and haven’t gotten any replies. Your letter was written by you on May 31st, postmarked 1st June, received here in jail June 4th. I received it June 19th, being 19 days after the time it was postmarked. 19 days from being picked up till I was given the letter as the torn off part I sent back shows. It shows how they’re keeping my mail for I’ve not received a letter of any kind in 6 months or better. I’m (a long time) waiting trial…

I’ve took notice of how they cover up issues of the personal when they get caught doing illegal situations just like the clerk of court that got caught with heroin on the third level of the courthouse parking deck. They gave her a $1,500 dollar bond, then the person from whom she was supposed to have gotten the drugs a $7,500 bond and they got caught on the court house grounds, a government installation redhanded, one of their own. She lost a job, but she can find another, whereas there are those like myself where they gave million dollar bonds and haven’t been arrested with drugs, only accused, can’t go to trial nor get anyone to help get us out of the trap because we want a trial on the created charges. We inform those we can of the way they’re trapping us, but no one tries to recognize the true effort that they go to cover up the crooked ways they operate the laws of North Carolina or the families they tear apart to make the money they get each month to warehouse people. They tell you it’s $60,000 a hear for prisoners, that’s $5,000 a month to house one person in jail. It’s a legal racket which grows by convictions. True most all are black, a few Mexicans, and very few whites, but it’s a marketable enterprise. Canteen, phone calls and medical and court (fees), there’s no way around the legal racket or extortion being put down by this county under the people’s nose. Just as each major issue your organization points out–racial profiling, corrupt jail and court system, the cruel and unusual punishment with lockback to push up plea bargains. They tell all of you on WTVD one lie to deter your protests. WTVD is always trying to cover up their corruption. No one is trying to address the issue as you have written on your letter to the sheriff or the commissioners or the mayor because the only action that they (listening) to is when each time you create the time and space to make WTVD place your organization on prime time. Then they have to act. Right now they’re trying to keep you QUIET so that everyone thinks things are changing. It would be nice if you could get an outside group to come in and see the place in action, but prior notice they would be ready for and if a group would come in unless several of your own organization are present in the group each time it will have no point for it will only be another one of their ploys to cover up the facts. This jail makes millions off inmates. It runs itself on misery. A goal they set for each family they break apart. Their goal is to keep the status quo and to keep you and your organization at bay. I thank each of you each week, but to break these issues wide open you’re going to need more of WTVD’s air time, but if you can get WRAL or Fox50 or 28 to give you the air time you will have fully gotten their attention. Some officers are changing jobs, but they’re still trying to keep lockback in place because they don’t want to work, only to prosecute. They can’t be bothered with people not being able to talk to their family, mail being held or other ‘little’ communication problems, along with the food, health and other issues: Misery is what this place sells and thrives on. I hope to see more of your positive action. Thank you again. Sincerely,

B. V. , 6-21-15

How long did this letter take?

(more than a week and a half)

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