‘If the jail were demolished would it be missed?’

June 19


This letter that u sent on June 1 and received by DCJ June 4 delivered to me June 19. Crazy huh.

How are you? I’m fine under the circumstances. I’ve read and understand all of the documents sent and am moved with compassion knowing that we are not forgotten. My mother is a very special kind, I’m glad that you all and her strive together for a cause of dire need and urgency. For that I am grateful to (all of you). I’m also prepared to contribute in any way possible to this cause. Although I don’t have much but what I do is at the disposal of (the cause). I am very sad to be in such a helpless position in a place of continuous destitution. Sometimes I look at the young people here and see no future. It’s hard to see tomorrow in a place where people live for the day. I feel there are so many things that can be taught and learned at minimal cost–simple etiquette, morals, philosophies, that could change the direction in lives inside of DCJ. Not only for those detained but also for Durham itself. This jail is by far the worst place I have ever encountered, but not only the jail, the sheriff’s department, as well as the police department. The corruption not only of officers but the justice system itself. I’ve seen and been a victim of more injustices than I care to tell. When I was 19-20 years old I was filled with so much optimism about the direction of society, my hopes were so high, I wanted to make a change to better lives. To fight for those who couldn’t, to be a voice or implement myself toward a cause that society deemed necessary, but I look around now and see a system that’s service is monetary. If everyone of the people inside this jail were fired and the jail demolished and a more productive institution rebuilt would this jail be missed? I think not. The sheriff’s employees and directors of the jail and courts are directly conducive to the crime rate in Durham. Inhumane food is as important to the mind and emotional state as the sun (or lack of it). Obviously, the system would rather incarcerate than educate. They would rather bury youth than congratulate achievement. Lawyers, judges and officers monopolize from the poor and contribute to the poor quality of life. The more tax dollars allowed to state departments that depend on making quota to say support a force of 1,000 instead of one of 800, and rerouting funds to programs or organizations that’s goal is to reduce crime by educating young people and creating opportunities to relieve the justice system. What it all boils down to is they want more money to lock up more people. Until we have a deputy, sheriff or judges that care for the people, I see a very dark future for all. Hope to hear from u soon.

S. A.

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