‘It’s barbaric just being here’

Sun 21st June 2015 — Wow! I ain’t heard from you in a min man! I got your letter dated June 3rd and it said it was received June 8th and I got it June 19th–that’s crazy! See this mail room is some b.s.! But thanks for the check to see how I’m doing. I hope to take a plea in the next month, I’ve been here 17 months and ready to get this over with cause it’s barbaric just being in this place. I sleep in pod — now and shit the same with the c.o.’s. Send me your last new letter. Yeah, Sheriff Andrews some b.s. and Durham County Jail, I’ll just be glad to get out this place cause it’s nothing! I’ll write you a longer letter in a day or 2 but keep your heads up! Always C S In struggle

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