Aramark profits while inmate health suffers

May 29, 2015

Dear Inside-Outside Alliance,

I am writing about my concerns dealing with Aramark. Although I could complain about the outrageous prices of their products AND how they influence how DCDF operates, my main concern here is our meals. They consist of too much starch and white bread. I have been here — months. A while back Aramark chose to stop giving us 3 hot meals a day. Our last meal consists of sandwiches on white bread, and is also received with a snack bag which has another sandwich with white bread. Plus, at lunch we usually receive two more slices of white bread, along with rice, pasta, potatoes (starches). My blood sugar has gone from 110-135 to 285-300 since this has been going on. I put in a grievance which goes unanswered. Medical tells me there is nothing they can do because Aramark runs the kitchen. Any grievance directed at Aramark goes totally ignored. It’s like everyone is afraid to upset Aramark. Although we’re on lockdown and could not come out our rooms, not even to put in a sick call, they could bring us a paper to fill out. It may have gotten picked up in 2 or 3 days. Yet, they allowed us out of our rooms to go to the same kiosk to order canteen and allowed out of our rooms to pick it up. But if you were sick, forget it. The jail is on lock down, no one comes out of their room.

Due to Aramark’s decision to “cut cost” my health is at risk. They refuse to use whole wheat bread for inmates with blood sugar problems. All my life I have watched what I ate. Now, because of Durham County Detention’s choice to allow Aramark to control what inmates are fed, I am suffering from abnormally high blood sugar levels. Legally, I feel they should be held accountable for their disregard of my health. Their meals are not properly balanced!

Thank you,

G. K.

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