Locked down for two months, for no reason



Listen, I don’t know really what you all do there, but we’re having some major problems at this jail! First off, when entering the jail, they take away our shoes! While bare-footed, we go to our cells. If money is not on our books, we still have to wait until canteen day to buy some flip-flops. Secondly, we’re on a 22, sometimes 48 hours, locked down! For 2 months now, for no reason! So if they found: knives, weed, etc… That don’t give them the right to keep us locked back in our window / cells. We as inmates done wrote to numerous of places, but there’s no result yet! If you can’t or won’t call Maj. “Couch” to get us off this lock up, then send me someone’s address that will look into this matter for ‘us’ (as a whole).


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