‘Why do they keep stealing and not giving proper medical treatment?’

Feb 8 2015

Dear friends

My name is S.T. # –prisoners, I have a story and can prove it’s true. I’d like to talk about how I am being treated by county officials et.al. They claim I rob somebody, I have no idea I was out of my mind on Jack Black and pills suboxin, a pill that supposed to help heroin addiction. Well let me go on. I was released from NC prisons for parole violation cause I had no address, I am homeless with no where to go. The Durham mission’s main street told me I could not stay there no more cause of my disabilities, such as liver cancer, a gap in my back which was injured while in prison…Because the Rescue Mission put me out in the cold with no where to go I ended up depressed and had no place, it was raining hard that day I drank, done hard drugs all day with so-called friend, I went into black out but I did not hurt no one and I did not do all that the cops released to the newspapers. What all they told was a lie, now I’m about to lose my woman of my life cause they put me down so bad….Then when I was in jail they stole my eyeglasses, the cops. $300 glasses I had I need them so bad to see I was put on bed rest cause high blood pressure and seizures. While I was on bed rest this a-hole wrote me up cause I was so sick I could not get up and get a damn plastic wrist band that I am supposed to wear, medical said they was not supposed to write me up but yet they did not help me with the write up. I was locked back for 20 days. they did not feed me right and I was moved to –, cell — when they passed out supplies for the week I never got any. I had to use writing paper to wipe my a– cause they too lazy to have brought me my supplies. About a week later I filed a complaint, no one’s ever answered it yet. God does not like ugly. When I get out for my hour walk I was to get a call well my female friend had pre-cancer testing, they denied me my call home I was to get on the 1-19-15. Plus you know they stole also money from me in the past for 2 hot plates and 2 pieces of cake off the hot plates canteen. I made bond they refused to give me my money back. I need someone to help me make a complaint the order date and all is on the computer. I mean all this wrong. Please can some one come see me and let me know how yall can be support to back my rights up and help me get my money. Why I won’t allowed s paper and why do they keep stealing and not giving us proper medical treatment. Please let me know something ASAP.

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