‘The D.A. holds you here as long as she feels like it…’


I hope that this letter finds you doing well and in good health. My name is H. D. I am a Mexican-American of — years of age, — when you receive this letter because I will be having my — birthday on Tuesday February 10th. I do speak both Spanish and English. Fluently as well as write it. I have been incarcerated since April and have not been to court once only when my attorney resigned back in November because she did not want to do for me things that she very well could have done. I was assigned a new attorney on November 7 which came to see me briefly only to tell me that he would not come back to see me until he had been offered a plea-bargain even though they have no evidence against me. I received my motion of discovery three months into my incarceration but my attorney at the time did not go over it with me, just like my new attorney, all they pretty much do is whatever the D.A. assigned to my case tells them to do. My previous attorney told me that I would not be taken to court unless they had evidence against me. It is now going on 10 months and I still have not been to court, nor do they want to dismiss my case. The D.A. for some reason is being allowed to hold you here as long as she feels like it in order for you to get sick of being here though all of this bad food, treatment and lock back so that you will finally just say the heck with everything and sign a guilty plea in order for them to let you go that way she can keep getting federal funds for holding you here as well as a way to justify the time you were here. I would really appreciate your help in getting the address to the attorney general’s office in Raleigh as well as the address to the centro latino here in durham. I on the other hand will try to get others in here to write you guys. It may sometimes take a while to respond because money is tight in order to buy stamps but I will do my best to stay in touch always. I don’t know what type of books (you can get sent) but if you have any James Patterson, John Grisham or anything similar I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.


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