Aramark worker threatens inmate in kitchen, gets away with it

Name is D.L pod —, room — in the Durham Co. Jail. Been in jail since —. I have a problem illegal. I am a inmate, I used to work in the kitchen. It is this man who works in the kitchen, he is Aramark—some company—he work for the jail. My job is to wash pots, pans, cups, everything. So while I was doing that this man came to me and ask me to stop washing pots and come over here to help him fix some food. I told him no, my hands are wet with soap on them. About 5 men they wasn’t doing anything, I am the only one in the kitchen working. The Aramark man name is — got in my face called me a motherfucker dumb-ass black nigga, that’s why I am in jail. I told — why you talking to me like that. (He) told me this is my motherfucking kitchen, you do what I tell you to do. I am walking away from — (and he) spit in my face, push me back and told me ‘Fuck you and your mother,’ then he told the officers at the desk to take me upstairs. In the kitchen I keep my distance from him the next day. I went down to the kitchen, time was 3:00 in the morning. Every day I go to work (and this guy) get in my face always harassing me and told me ‘get the fuck out my kitchen black nigga before I kill you.’ I wrote the lieutenant letters and the sgt. in jail, I told the officers who work at the Durham County jail and one sgt. they told me that why didn’t I hit the Chef. Sgt. and the officers told me you will just get your ass beat by the officers at the Durham jail, get wrote up, put in the hole locked back. This is illegal to do things like this. The Durham jail wrote the chef up, a write up the sgt., lt. and other officers covered up. Because I am writing all letters to the Lt. he is mad at his officers because of what happened. I have a lawsuit, I am writing a lot of attorneys and see will they take my case. Officers at the Durham Co. jail have some problems illegal. This needs to stop now, please help me. It was two Aramark workers in the kitchen, of them is — and the other was –. The chef he making food with his hands not washing them at all, he broke the rules at the Durham Co. Jail making food with his hands no washing them. I will go without eating for 4 days in the jail. Willfully he assault me, strike me, hit me, spit in my face. I’ll write every day till somebody do something about it. I wrote WTVD TV ABC 411 Liberty ST and 224 S. Dawson Raleigh NC 27601 Legal Aid.

If you have a heart can you please get me an attorney to take my case, this is my last stamp. Don’t know what going to happen to me. 

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