Things are starting to change–slowly, but surely

How are you doing? Me, still in Durham County Jail, enduring the struggle.

First off, my name is H. V. This is my first time writing you. I am writing you saying thanks for all of the positive things that you have been doing for us in Durham County Jail.

Also to let you all know that because of you all, things are starting to change around here for the better, slowly—but surely. And we are very grateful for that. Even if some of us don’t have the decency to tell you all. Let me be the first to say this on the behalf of everybody here at Durham County Jail…THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Last but not least, my original reason for sitting down and writng you this letter (besides what has been stated above)….is because you, out the kindness of your heart, sent my roommate (D.Q.) some reading material and stamps, and he didn’t have the decency to write you back and say thank you. So on his behalf…Thank You. Your kind act(s) were greatly appreciated.

Well I’m about to end this letter. Thank you once again.


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