‘The Government oversteps its bounds with anyone that isn’t rich or one of them’


It’s been a while since I’ve written but I have charges in other counties and have been back and forth between them in the last month.

I did, however, get to see the “lay-down” demonstration in front of the jail. I must say that I am impressed. I really didn’t think that people would go to those extremes without negating their cause. Let me explain: Too many times people will have a demonstration against racism against Blacks only to end up damaging and looting black-owned businesses. 

Someone might say, “You’re a blue-eyed white guy! What does it matter to you?” Well, it trips me out when my fellow “white” people tell Blacks, “Why don’t you just go back to your own country!” Last time I checked, except for the “Indian”-Americans, we all came from other countries! But I am a firm believer and avid supporter of everything our forefathers stood for. And when they stated that “Every man is created equal,” by God–that’s exactly what it means! We’re all in this together–Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red–It doesn’t matter, the government oversteps it’s bounds with anyone that isn’t rich or one of them.

When I see someone being mistreated whether they are Black or not, I know that they will do the same to me. How do I know? Remember if you will I’ve been assaulted by Durham Police, but unlike these highly televised other cases, I don’t have Rev. Al Sharpton helping me, it’s just me, myself, and a West Law book.

So when an assault or injustice occurs against an African-American, and concerned citizens of all races come together and stand against it, and looting and vandalism happens in the process against the Average Joe–not only is the cause negated, not only are the supporters labeled as vandals, but the police come out as justified.

Anyway, an officer told me that about 4 people got arrested, mostly white women from Duke (Go Duke! and that most everyone received a $2,000 bond, but all were bonded out. If this is true, then this impresses me even more. A great way to show the government what “no one gets left behind” truly means. But next time, while people are lying in the street and have the pigs’ attention–send a team through the court house, down the tunnel and take over the jail. LOL! I kid, I kid!…

May God strengthen your reserve and numbers.

Your brother,


P.S. Someone mentioned pen-pals. What is that all about? Could you send me any info?

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