‘We might as well be sleeping outside’


Dear I.O.A.

What’s up, glad you finally received my letter sooner than later. It always brighten my day up when I receive a letter from you right along with the monthly feedbacks. I just wanted to say I did receive more books to read, which was wonderful. 

I saw the recent protest outside of the jailhouse. While I was watching in my cell I saw the police start forcing the crowd back and I noticed that some of the protestors got backed up against vehicles and when they could be pushed no farther because of the obstructions they were brutally thrown on the ground and unnecessarily forcefully detained when they were showing compliance.

As far as the cold I asked for a second blanket several times, but I have been ignored and turned down a lot. Meanwhile I was told a second blanket cost $10, it’s so cold we may as well be sleeping outside. SMH.

The food that they feed us is so bad it makes me sick so I don’t usually eat more than once a day so I won’t starve. How they think soy is an ok substitute for meat and protein and canteen they overcharging us on. 85 cents for 1 Ramen soup, REALLY?

If you’re able to send stamps, help me out. I really do enjoy talking with you and keeping you up to date on this hard journey in D.C.J. Hope to hear back from you soon.

S. Z.

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