‘A Plea’

We R the champions my friend

Til the End

Yet we gotta keep on fighting

Frown or grin lose or win

Conception, cursed! Born in sin

Thinking life’s the worst! It hurts!

Never again putting myself first

I’ve got 3 kids and life is too

Short 4 what it’s worth

And what I got I can’t hide it

Watch me burst – through – wit’

My pen & pad & verse – You! – best act

Like you know before you’re submerged

In sh**, too deep. Pay attention & peep

A style that’s terse. Witness ME emerge

From the depths of the sea. From Pluto to

Earth! It doesn’t get any better than

  1. Since birth I was born to do the

Damn thang! But…

With no opportunities and a lot of bad luck

You still wonder why it seems niggas don’t

Give a fuck? We stuck! In this ongoing

Age of oppression. See someone’s gotta take

The stage & teach ‘em a lesson. Teach us

Lessons like Martin Luther King Jr. Or Malcolm X

No more wondering or guessing! Explosive in our rages!

Us niggas just can’t escape the cages.

Somebody’s gotta take the stage. It’s outrageous.

And I’m stressin! You stressed da

Fuck out! You know what I’m talkin’ bout?

– Jamie Ruffin

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