‘Keep up the fight’


Hey man, what’s up? Wow, Ferguson’s on FIRE! I don’t agree with the violence but they damn sure got attention to police excessive use of force…then that 12 yr old in Cleveland…SO SAD…

Hey, I got the feedback #6. Thanks, and keep them coming.

Were you all on 147 the other night? Bet you were…Keep up the fight!!

Please put in visit app and come see me. We have a lot to talk about. Can’t call anymore cause I have no money.

It is rumored McCrory signed legislation reducing nonviolent offenders sentences…Please send me what you find. I know you’re busy, so as you can when you can…Lastly I need a collegiate pocket size dictionary and thesaurus, please.

Enclosed is a sample of how to get the stamps on the down low…

Take it easy, but take it.

Always fighting,


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