‘It’s so cold it don’t make any sense’


Hey, —,

How is it going? Good I hope. I just want to thank you and Inside-Outside Alliance for allowing me to be part of it. Everything is going pretty ok except for the cold temperature in this jail, mostly in the cell. I know it’s about the same as it do outside. And we ask and ask the officers can they turn up the heat, but it never gets done. Because it be so cold in these cells it don’t make any sense. We have to wrap up in our blankets and put on all of our clothes just to stay warm and now that’s not right. We just have to stay prayed up and keep our trust in the Lord. And yes I been up on that Mike Brown ordeal. It’s a shame because we can’t win against these earthly Authority figures. I really enjoy and appreciate what Inside-Outside Alliance as a whole is doing by keeping people informed about us “little people.” It’s a real positive thing y’all are doing. Yeah, in your letter earlier you ask if I would like some books. I would like some books that would be great. I like to read Urban Books or Christian Urban books. I would like some of them. Also, I’m kind of low on stamps if you can. so I can write y’all again if anything else pop up in this place and let y’all know. Thank you and God Bless.

D. Q.

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