‘It’s super cold’

Hey —,

I’m very happy to receive the newsletter. I really enjoy reading them. I have feedbacks 5 and 6. If you have 1-4 I would enjoy reading those as well. Things going smoothly, a little bit. I been here for 2 months and only seen my lawyer 1 time. I haven’t been to court. My lawyer keep putting my court date off. But I’m staying strong and just holding on, can’t wait to be released. I did receive the books and I’m thankful. They keep me focused in my spare time. My further request and types of reading I enjoy is urban books. I’m pretty sure you heard that a lot from a lot of different people. You never lied about the weather, it’s super cold and what makes it so bad is they run AC all year long. I really hope things change. All we can do is fight. I support the inside and outside struggle, and I’m with you all every step of the way. Thank you for everything, keep fighting, stay strong, and be blessed.


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