MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24th – all day


Durham County Detention Center officials recently reduced prisoners’ evening meal to two cold sandwiches. Many people have reported that prisoners are going to bed hungry every night.** On Monday, November 24th, 2014, we are going to flood the phone lines of the Durham County Detention Center with calls demanding that people inside get enough to eat.

A phone call takes just a few minutes. Please call!

* * *

Call 919-560-0912 and ask to speak with Lieutenant Colonel Natalie Perkins. If you are transferred to her voice mail box, please leave a message.

HERE IS A SUGGESTED SCRIPT (feel free to modify)
– I have heard that many inmates are going hungry at the jail.
– Two cold sandwiches are not enough for dinner. Prisoners are supposed to receive two hot meals per day.
– They shouldn’t have to buy commissary in order to avoid going to bed hungry.
– At Thanksgiving and throughout the year, please treat inmates with dignity by giving them all filling, hot meals.

That’s it!

* * *

Thank you for letting the jail authorities know we are watching and letting the people locked inside know they are not forgotten!

**What people inside are saying about the current food situation:

“Everybody’s hungry. Everybody. Nighttime guys are saying to the c.o.s ‘I’m hungry. I’m hungry.’ C.O. just says: ‘Buy commissary.’”

“They want to make us work hard to earn days, but don’t want to feed us the food to have energy to work, man.”

“Today (Sunday) we got some lunch meet with bread, basically a cold meal, as our 2nd ‘hot meal.’

“Yeah, this jail is getting worse by the days—they don’t feed any meat any more for lunch or breakfast. They replaced it with soybean and at supper it’s 2 sandwiches—It’s CRAZY!!”

For more info on struggles at the Durham jail, visit Inside-Outside Alliance’s website:

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