We’re getting these sandwiches, small-ass sandwiches, not much in the middle, a bit of applesauce, and a ‘dessert.’ And a few times now we’ve had sandwiches at two meals. We’re supposed to get two hot meals a day, and they try to say ‘we heat up the meat.’ It’s lunch meat. This time in here, Everybody hungry. I’m hungry. Everybody hungry. EVERYBODY. The other meals, they tryin to make them look healthier, but they don’t fill you. People are hungry, man. All times of day. At night, guys will be like, ‘I’m hungry.’ And the c.o. just says: ‘Buy commissary.’ That’s all he says. That is not an answer.

On medical: “I would not want to be sick in this place. (this guy) had a seizure last week, and was on the ground for five minutes. Guys were helping him, or trying to, and the c.o.’s are just lookin’ at him, doin nothing. Everybody said (he) should have been brought to Duke (hospital), but (he) wasn’t. They didn’t want to spend the money.”



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