33 months and counting…


Dear —,

Thank you for writing. I was glad to hear from you and to know that you remember me. I am going on the 33rd month of sitting in this jail waiting on trial. The DA got mad because I would not take the plea bargain. I am ready to own up to what I done, but not the things that have been added on to it. Anyway, you know our supper has been taken away and replaced with a sandwich, split in half, to make two. The canteen prices went up the same day. There is very little hot water and no heat. There is corruption in this jail. All types of items are in here, cell phones, cigarettes, pot, cocaine–which is old news. There are fights over the TV. I don’t know why this unorganized jail can’t fix a TV schedule for everyone to go by. Everybody do not want to watch sports everyday. Yes, I would very much like some more books. I am still a western, cowboy man. I’m just an old country boy that enjoy the western drama. The gunslinger, fast draw, cattle drive. When I get out of here, I am heading back to the country. Send whatever you can. Thank you.


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