A disappointing ‘justice’ system

Nov. 6, 2014

Dear –,

How ya doing? Thanks for the visit the other day. It truly helps to be able to vent to someone you know is concerned, unlike my lawyer who talks using the words ‘we’ when talking about the state and their offers! And I say, ‘what do you mean “we”‘? And she has nothing to say! She’s literally working for the prosecution! That plea (offer) is killing me. What if that’s what God wants me to do? But then I wonder why God would want me on that kind of (probation). If I knew I’d have open-minded people…without pretrial prejudice about me I’d feel OK about trial. I’m not sure if that’s what God wants though. It’s a disappointing ‘justice’ system. The state can’t stand going to trial and having a defendant found not-guilty cause then trial costs them and I’m pretty sure people can sue for reimbursement of being falsely locked up. No coincidence that Durham has the highest conviction rate in NC then, huh? Take —, for example. The judge took over and was going to tell the jury to give a directed verdict.  WTF? What happened to being tried by a ‘jury of our peers’? How can I be optimistic in a place where corruption and money rule? Trying to be a decent guy has gotten me nowhere. Do I really deserve to be possibly locked up for 20-25+ years? At least take the morale into consideration, my non-prior conviction record. Such a shitty world. —, taking that plea is like swallowing a bullet…



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