‘I just got to pray and keep my head up!’

Nov. 6 2014


What’s good bro? It’s a pleasure always to hear from you. I did get the newsletter and I saw where you put me in it (smile)! I really been workin on my case tryin to get the best deal and it’s been times that I should have wrote but just didn’t but I’m back to set the record straight cause it’s a struggle. See just by you bein the person you are by giving us time to be part of inside-outside alliance shows the volume of the person you are and I would never want to lose that friendship.

Yeah, this jail is getter worse by the days—they don’t feed any meat any more for lunch or breakfast. They replaced it with soybean and at supper it’s 2 sandwiches—It’s CRAZY!! I been here 11 months and been to court 2 times, but on top of that I’ve had 2 pleas to try and send me to prison. But I just got to pray and keep my head up!!

I’ll like for you to send me some more books. I met a man the name of – and we spoke about you and he did tell me that he knew you. He’s a very nice guy and he did send me some books. I did not get around to write the website for the penpals but I’m getting back around to writing…I’m doing ok just thinking how I can better my situation. But I’ll let you go and write you later. Please don’t forget about me!!

Always a friend

The struggle



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