‘They want us to work hard but don’t want to feed us…’

Dear —,

I really thank you a lot for your concern about what’s going on man, and help that you been doing to support the struggle against the nation and the brothers and sisters that is locked up. All love goes out to you and the people that stands behind you. Man, time is getting rough behind Durham County walls. They want to make us work hard to earn day’s, but don’t want to feed us the food to have energy to work, man. I currently send you some letters regarding the struggle. They send me back the letters wasting my stamps for what purpose I don’t know. I was put on lock back for standing up to a guard about he doing us wrong. Yeah, let me tell. It’s 12:45 at night, he got the rec yard door open all night knowing that it’s cold outside. 6:45 I shout the damn door, told him that I have asthma, that I can’t be sleeping in all that cold air. First I ask the guy can he shut the door. He was trying to start a issue about it, but check this the damn jackass got a jacket on his damn self, man talking about it not cold in the pod. Brother got one arm in they shirt trying to eat cause it was that damn cold, plus they keep the air on. Man, I’m so ready to go home to just let it be known how bad they turn out to be. I bet the next few years the STARR program might not be in that jail man. My lawyer on the other hand I feel that she work for the DA, cause I ask her one simple question, what she think I should do regarding my situation. She respond back sayin that it’s not her life, that she doesn’t care. Damn! A sucker punch to the face, man. Also want to say thank you for the books you have sent me. Education is the key to success in the world we live in my brother. I know I might have not finished school when I had the chance to, but I learning more about it as I read day in and day out. Knowledge and wisdom something no one can steal from you.

IOA We Don’t Play.

By any means,

We want Freedom, Hope and Justice

Don’t matter

The skin color

We all sister and brother

Fightin the same struggle

Peace, —

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