‘Aramark got that place on lock’

Hey —,

Yes, I’m in good spirits and good health. Time seems to be flying by, feels like I just got here yesterday. Yes, I know I made the right decision to accept the plea. So there is no more pending charges, I’m done after 68 days. Done with everything, probation, the court system…

The only thing I’m dealing with now in here is my property. As a walk in the only thing can take upstairs is a bible. I have my thermal underwear and my court papers in my book bag in property. I had to beg that lady just to hand me my phone # which I had written down. I was talking to c.o. L–. He said it takes an act of congress to get anything out of that property room, but what he said next got me, and I quote him, “Aramark got that place on lock.” But I’m taking out a complaint not for my thermal, but for my court papers. I don’t think legally that they can keep my court papers from me. Thanks for (stuff)…Right now I’m more concerned about my (relation) and her well being. Then pretty soon I have to start thinking what I’m going to do after I get outta here because technically I’ll be homeless–no real address I mean. Sorry this is sloppy. These pencils suck, and there are no erasers. I give up!!

Thanks and later,


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