‘No one seems to hear the ongoing issues’

Hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. As for myself I’m still on the ‘hold them till they plea/will we make money/hold him till we find a reason. I’ve now been here 1 year and have wrote or heard from your organization (several times). I have another attorney said he could not represent me in no upper class felonies and they gave me another attorney. She already have taken the district attorney side by having my motions dismissed because of how she feel not what’s in my best interest, only her ego. I’m sitting here without any help to know my best welfare or how my life stands because of the corruption of lackeys used by Durham Police and court system. As I have noticed of late no one seems to hear the ongoing issues. Now we get two sandwiches for dinner to save money, but go up on the prices of hot trays. I never knew a jail that could racketeer food where their meals are messed up terrible garbage, but if I pay cash I can eat canteen. Prices are always going up 10 cents to 20 cents. 82 cents for a 25 cent soup makes trying to wait for trial hard and life terrible to withstand. It’s a purgatory of issues set up to warehouse blacks. If you only look at the number and people it address for the crime rate can’t be only black nor other race for the ration don’t fit the numbers or the actions taken. But without help this is the outcome I see for no one notices. Fill me in.

Sincerely waiting,


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