‘Even the mail process is fucked up’

Hi, I want to talk about the mail situation. I have been an inmate at Durham County Jail since Nov. — 2013. It is now Oct. 3, 2014. On a murder charge. With that being said, the only things I have to look forward to during the week is mail and visits. By me receiving mail for going 11 months now, I should know how long it takes mail to be received on both ends depending on the location. So my girlfriend tells me she put a letter for me in the mailbox in the morning before she went to school. Now, like I said by me receiving mail for 11 months I know that if someone has sent me a letter from a Durham County location it will only take a day to get here. So the next day the mail lady (Ms. Walker) comes in and passes out mail but I don’t hear my name called. So I’m like I might get it tomorrow. The next day the same thing happens. So I get on the phone and call my girlfriend to make sure she sent it. She tells me she is positive she put it in the mailbox and she tells me just to wait. So like 3 more days pass and I still have not gotten my mail. I ask the mail lady what is going on and she just says it’s not her fault. So I put in a grievance and talk to the Sergeant (Bradshaw) and guess what. He went right to the mail room and picks my mail up. Now it shouldn’t take all that just to get a letter. That says a lot about this jail. Even the mail process is fucked up.
– L.A.

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