We want Justice, Hope & Freedom: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!


Sept 29, 2014

Hello —-,

How is you doing my friend? Me, still standing up/holding my head up high to the sky. Taking everyday slow and one step at a time. I have come across a Malcolm X book, it’s called “By Any Means Necessary.” And it breaks down the struggle and fight that we currently living today as I write. How he sought as he put it, to “internationalize” the fight against racism. How the republican and democrat is destroying the Afro-American by capitalism and racist political structure. “We want freedom by any means necessary.” “We want justice by any means necessary.” “We want equality by any means necessary.” Far as I concern now I learn my background on these things that United Snakes are just a bunch of criminal they self. Shame the world we live. They have been raping us out of hope and freedom and kidnapped us from our motherland to become slaves to they system. We must recapture our heritage and our identity if we are ever to liberate ourselves from the bonds of white supremacy. —, we must launch a cultural revolution to un-brainwash an entire people. Our community must reinforce its moral responsibility to rid itself of the effect of years of exploitation, neglect, and apathy, and wage an unrelenting struggle against police brutality. Point blank I know I didn’t have any drugs on me when I came to court on July –, I still get punished for it. My lawyer is no good. October 1 will make it 3 months I been here no court date. Damn, but I know god is good all the time. I had a plea offer but I turned it away. I don’t want it. I’m going to fight these lying ass officers that trying to frame me. They jump on me, beat me, while in handcuffs. They lied and said that I was moving in handcuffs which is a lie. I get no justice for that. They searched me twice. Still got a dumb ass lie saying that while I’m handcuffed that I had drugs in my shirt and was some bullshit to get the judge to look at me different. This my last stamp —. I’m just writing you man to keep up with the love and fight no matter if I’m inside or outside we don’t play. White, brown, black, yellow, don’t matter the skin color we all are human beings. And should be treated as one. And the only way we can do this is by internationalizing it and taking advantage of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Armed with the knowledge of our past, we can with confidence charter a course for our future. Culture is an indispensable weapon in the freedom struggle. We must take hold of it and forge the future with the past. Thank you —- and IOA for understanding the struggle we facing in these days we live in. Salaam Alaikum.

We want Justice.                                                     It don’t matter

We want Hope.                                                       If you inside

We want Freedom.                                                or outside.

IOA. We don’t play.      IOA. We don’t play.

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