‘Already being treated like a slave’

October 8, 2014

Hello, —-,

I’m very honored to hear from you. My name is S. B. I’m interested in your newsletter and would like to receive some books and any other materials you have to send (pod —) I support Inside-Outside Alliance due to the struggle we go through behind the revolving doors of incarceration. I haven’t been incarcerated that long and already feel as I’m being treated like a slave. Guards disrespect inmates because they feel as they carry around badges they in control. Bad, nasty, cold, non-nutritious food to make us buy high commissary canteen so guards can walk around asking ‘where the hell the cookies at?’ (that happen to me). Paytel phone rates to where I talk to my family for five minutes then we have 60 seconds left. SMH. Everynight for dinner we only get 2 sandwiches to eat, my one year old niece eats that in no time. Half sharpened pencils with no erasers as I’m using now. This is a little of the neglect and struggle Durham County make us go through and I’m with the support of the existing struggles of inmates to change the conditions. I also shared your information with my roommate and we hope to receive and hear from you soon. Take care be blessed.

F.G.                                                     S.B.

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