‘The sooner I’m home, the better’

Good afternoon —- (IOA),

My name’s K.M.Q. You might recognize my name because I’ve written your organization before from a Durham County jail facility. I am a federal inmate, so due to that fact I was moved to a federal holding facility. I just turned 19 years of age and getting ready to be sentenced to a ten-year bid on October 3rd to federal bureau prison. I know there’s consequences to our actions, so I’m prepared to do this time. In the federal bureau of prisons, you currently have to do 85% of that time which for me would mean doing 8 1/2 years. I’ve been incarcerated for a year already which means I got 7 more to go.I have a lil girl to come home to; to take care and watch grow up and see go to school as well as an elderly mother who needs me at home to pay bills she’s unable to pay due to her job complications. So the sooner I’m home, the better; and your organization could help a lot. See there’s a “federal barber good time amendment” movement (http://www.fedcure.org/)  tryin to be passed because of the overcrowded federal prisons that are costing our federal taxpayers “billions.” Now, if they change the 85% to 65% I can be home in 5 yrs which is better than 7 and it would also save this country billions. But in order for this to happen we need 100,000 online signatures. 30,000 have already been filled, leaving only 70,000 more. I don’t know how large your organization is but every petition counts and helps us one step closer. So, I’m asking if your organization could go online and help petition as well as find others and announce this cause to help us. That would be great.

Thank you! Have a great day.

From: K.Q.

Go online and sign here:

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