‘You’re sick of who you are, so you let this jail mold you as they want you’

Dear —,

I’m surviving. I really appreciate the lyrics. Music speaks to me as no other. When I read and sing them, I really feel empowered to push without regarding consequences. the lyrics tell me there is so much more than just here. They take me away, y’know? I’m getting into that Jailhouse Lawyers lawbook. Next chapter (3) is about our rights in prison/jail. I’m excited to finally be informed, that way I won’t speak ignorantly when I stand for true justice. — —- had a point about losing validity. Jail isn’t a place for guerilla warfare, especially when we want to go non-violence. We need a plan and to stick to it, adjusting as needed. With a backup should our first efforts be dispersed. Adding constant follow-ups. I really need others’ ideas. I might make a outline of our true rights in jail and send to you for copies…for confrontation. From my experience reverse psychology does not work on these officers. they feel too above others. But maybe there is a way to take their rules out of context, but still ‘following’ what’s written. Catch my drift? I’m glad for the names, I’d like to communicate 1 on 1 with them but we can’t send letters… without stamps. Another way to cut communication between us that only shows they fear unity. Yet I find it a waste anyway when I can just have you all reciprocate everything back to them. I think a good proverb to tell everyone would be that ‘rules without relationships lead to rebellion.’ Which is true. We’re expected to bow and kneel to those we don’t know. They tell us what to do, but don’t believe they should tell us why. They’re oversensitive asses act like it’s a challenge to their authority. When really it’s just a human asking ‘why are you treating me like this?’ The c.o.s obviously can’t maintain their conscience on this question and retaliate against us instead, with threats or emotional duress. It is a lack of respect. Just like overworking is. Yet 4B just seems so much more appealing than locking back. See the connection? When inmates choose to go to 4B to work they initiate a lack of respect for themselves. Not just because they work for the same person that condemns them, but also because they let themselves be overworked for meager pay. This lack of respect subconsciously deteriorates your own self-worth to the point where you’re so unconsciously sick of who you are you let this jail (the c.o.s) mold you to as they want you. Seriously, if this place hired real cooks (no offense 4B) they would scoff at the food they try to serve us, and deny feeding us rather than dish us this poison. Hell if 4B (the kitchen) all said “I’m not working” in one day the jail would be annihilated. How? They’d have no one to serve us food, and if we don’t get fed that’s a lawsuit. From some 500 inmates. This might be a good letter to share. God’s giving me the wisdom for ideas I believe. I’m gonna start asking for lyrics to 3-4 songs per letter. If it’s too much, just let me know. Born free, live free, die free. S.V.

P.S. I’ve also read a lot not to compromise. I believe that holds its own validity.

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