‘The real injustice is in law enforcement and the court system’

Unfortunately, I am old enough and have started my “criminal career” early enough to have done time in ’98 and got to see what happens when people stand together. From what I’ve seen…people don’t do that anymore. The government has found ways to steal America’s backbone.

As far as my pod is concerned, –, it is filled with young people with nothing on their minds except whores on TV and acting as immature as possible. They don’t realize that the jailers do have a job and that as long as they aren’t disrespecting us–we should respect them. No, they cuss the c.o.s out, steal trays, don’t take showers, etc.

At first I thought it was just a youth thing, but then I thought back to my youth (Eckerd Wilderness Camp, Shaeffer Group Home, John Umstead) and do not recall being that foolish.

The only thing that I see that will make a difference is knowledge about the law. The state knows that a high percentage of offenders don’t even have a G.E.D. much less 8 years of undergrad/law school. The Durham Police/ court systems are getting away with murder because of the public’s ignorance. And when someone does cry out–who cares? They’re just criminals, they deserve what they get, right?

The more people know, the easier it is to bail out and fight things from the outside, and the more lawyers are willing to fight–the more we can conquer injustice and ultimately recidivism.

Anyway, the altercation with Durham S.W.A.T. occurred in 2011. I ended up having to accept an 18 month sentence. Unfortunately, I am here on newer, different charges. Durham has once again violated my rights and committed criminal acts them self this time again, but hopefully I’ve got a more capable lawyer this time. I have been here since March on Breaking & Entering, larceny and safecracking charges.

I appreciate the names you gave me to those lawyers (for suing Durham police). I have sent a briefing of what happened to them. Now, I’m just waiting to here back.

I did receive the books from P.B.C.–thank you. I could always use new reading material. And as far as I have been witness to…no mailroom problems. But again, that is only me.

Anyway, to sum things up in Durham County Jail…besides them allowing inmates to walk around without shoes and not provide them to those that don’t have any, not issuing any bleach-based cleaners and allowing fungus, mold, etc. to run rampant, the monopoly on the canteen and the prices that are marked up 400% in some cases, and the lack of state-issued hygiene products…it actually isn’t that bad compared to other jails (Alamance, Chatham, etc.). The real injustice is in the law enforcement and the court system.

It was good to hear from you again.



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