‘To keep us young, dumb and blind’

Sunday, 14, 14

Hello —,

How is everything going sir? I hope well and good. I really thank you for your help again man. The 48 Laws of Power has arrived and I can’t stop reading it. Wow, some time you want get an understanding trying to study it, like my grandmother always say ‘can’t judge a book by the covers, take the time to read it.’ Try cause to me I don’t understand just scanning through it, I really have to read it. But back to the laws of power, some of these laws are quite simple to live by, but what’s hit me is it teach you how to destroy a person mentally and spiritually. I think this is some deceitful stuff in this package. But it also teach you to understand how others move and think in life. Cold-hearted if you ask me. Like law 7, it says that ‘get others to do work for you, but always take the credit.’ To me that’s not fair in life, but I guess that’s not enough to change the fact that America dreamers and workers have rights, too. They have been taking blacks through slavery for 400 years. But we still manage to stand strong. We have build most and capital things around American soil. Yet to see no change of our credit and support. They put president Obama in office to get the blacks to think they really care about us. In my mind another lie to the vision to have us helping them control our human rights. They divide our civil rights into several different human rights to keep blacks off balance. Law 14 pose as a friend, work as a spy. They use Obama to be our friend and head man, but in the real run he is against helping blacks. The things we shoulda been taught in school they don’t teach us. To keep us young, dumb and blind. We have to keep pushin and fightin for change to make history. The laws of power break down how white man thinks and destroy us all. — I would like to know if you can send a print of a book called A Black Man with a Rage (Black Rage ?) sir, and Malcolm X book sir. I been doing fine, and telling other brothers and Mexicans about the IOA struggle or movement to overrise the destruction that harming us and our family. To break the cycle. I have been moved to — which his work. I have finished STARR and now working in the kitchen sir. I came up with instead of letting people go hungry we inmates fill everybody tray up to the top. That way woman and man will be full. Each one, help one, teach one. We all human and children of God. We all have sinned no matter what the sin may have been little or big it still a sin. Remember, —,


The chorus x 3: If we inside or outside, it don’t matter.

The hook (1 time): Inside or outside. It don’t matter.

Let me hear you.


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