Whose attitude?


What’s good —. This is ya dude, H.P. who is detained at the Durham C. Jail —–. And I would like to let you know that on 9/11/14 I asked — pod officer to open my cell door so that I get my books for the library. And he just looked at me. And then said—Why I have an attitude with this unknown c/o. I just threw my hand up sayin open my cell door. He then open my door. So I got my books in line for the library. The unknown staff told me when I got back we need to talk. I said ‘about what?’ And we don’t need to talk and I don’t know you. So Ms. Johnson told me to give her my books, I can’t go to the library. So I went to look out the window and the same unknown staff came where I was at. And said why am I acting like dat. I told him to leave me alone and he got mad and told me to lock back. I refused because I did nothing. Sgt. and Lt. came in – told me to lock back. I did. So later that day I was charged with 2 A charges. B C-2 C-12. Went to D.H.D. and only got 3 days. Come off lock up Sunday at 9:30. When you get this letter I’ll be off. But I will remain behind my door so that I can stay out of trouble, but what I would like to have from you is the following books sent to me if you have:  1. Jim Crow 2. Rosa Parks 3. Marcus Garvey 4. Black Power Revolt 5. Poems 6. Essays 7. Emmett Till 8. H. Newton 9. Soul on Ice book. Need these while on lock back. W/B ASAP, —. Peace. Thanks. H.P.

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