An inmate talks about court-appointed attorneys

“No, my attorney hasn’t seen me. She’s terrible, but it’s the same with a lot of guys in here, man. I really think they are working with the d.a. Or working for the d.a. They’re not working for us. They don’t care a lick about what defendants have to say, that’s why they won’t come and talk to us. They just want us to plea. Just plea. What about those of us who don’t want to plea? And that’s a lot of us. They just say plea, plea, plea. They don’t want to do work. They are not going to work for people who don’t have money. You want someone to put in work on your case? You have to have money. Otherwise they’re going to tell you to plea. It’s terrible. Guys are in here and they are at their breaking point, just being broken down sitting in here forever, and that’s the kind of legal help we get. I ain’t gonna plea and I know some other guys ain’t either. Fuck it, man.”

interview with Durham jail inmate, September 2014

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