‘The head count on 16 and 17 year old in this pod is six…’

Mon. Sept. 8th


What’s good! I got the books and a letter from you today and I want to thank you.

Well for myself things are the same–they say no news bad news. O yeah, — got some books from you also–I think he’ll write and let you know! Well, things on — is still the same, I just stay out the c.o.s way, that way I don’t have to act up (LOL). 

O yeah, I need you to look up some pen pal lists and send them to me so I can reach out to more people. I love to just keep it real cause that’s all I know.

But I’m lookin to start a program that will help the young people stay out this place cause the head count on 16 and 17 year olds in this pod is six as of today and that just –. We don’t know what the count for other blocks!!

But I’m thinking on a way to get the message out to the young guys that this is not the way and to get in school–now they just started a GED class for 16-24 and they ain’t goin!!

See half of them don’t know anything. But I’ll write you later on this week and you take care and thanks for the help!

In struggle,


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